religion in Axillia is divided into four categories: Major gods with large might and power; intermediate gods with a large amount of power but are not always depended apon;  lesser gods who can be unheard of by some but are at least heard of; Finally Demigods oddly well known because they were once heroes who ascended into god-like status although if they do not become a lesser god quickly they can lose the opportunity to become a stronger intermediate god 

All commoners commonly pray to 2 or 3 major gods and 1 intermediate god depending on what they do

Major Gods

  • Ohgma -Knowlege
  • Mystra -Magic
  • Lathander -life
  • Myrkul -death
  • Beory -nature
  • gond -craft
  • Selûne -moon
  • Pelor -Sun
  • Heironus -chivalry and valor
  • Hextor -war and discord
  • Eldath -peace

Intermediate  Gods

  • Malar -hunt
  • Tyr -justice
  • Helm -protection
  • Auril -winter
  • silvanus -wild nature
  • Chauntea -agriculture
  • Talona -disease and posion
  • Waukeen -trade
  • Azuth -wizards
  • kelemvor -god of the dead
  • Savras -divination and fate

Lesser Gods

  • Celestian -Stars and wanderers
  • Erythnul -eny and slaughter
  • kord -sport and athletics
  • lliira -joy
  • Deneir -writting
  • bhaal -murder
  • mishakal -healing


  • Ulf -tempus
  • Eldwin -life, nature
  • Rune -Trickery, theving
  • Syl -Magic
  • Redrick -Trade, law


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